22 Feb, 2018

Roll Up Banner Stands – 5 Helpful Design Tips

Roll up banner stands also known as roller banners or pull-up banners are an important part of an exhibition or a trade show. They can be a great addition to your point of sale material. Making use of right information on your banner stand will generate a great impact.Focusing on a presentable design is one way of ensuring the impact on the passerbys. It should be considered as much value as other marketing strategies. Our roller banner printing london is one of the most used marketing methods as it has the ability to take your message on the road. We analyzed the offset market and taken note of all the important factors that make roller banners an effective marketing tool

In the blog we will be sharing the top tips of roll up banner stands:

  1. Color is your friend: Make use of big fonts and bold colors. We suggest you prefer a subtle effect because hiding in shadows with that simple look won’t do any good. Focusing on striking designs with contrasting tones that will make sure you stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to keep in mind that your branding and corporate promotions require eye-catching and bright colors to gain passerby’s attention. Great design always makes a strong impact on the customers
  2. Consider popular Locations for roller banner marketing: Before even initiating the roller banner designing, you need to think of the locations where you are going to use the banners. Are you looking to place it in exhibits and event locations or somewhere near any crowdy location? For effective impact, you will be to consider the ramification of every location and what that means for your banner design e.g in busy exhibition halls and events, you will have to make sure you keep the text to a minimum on the banner and all the important information at the top so that people are able to read the info without even stopping
  3. Try to make it easy for the customers: People of the west are accustomed to reading the text from left to right and from top to bottom. The casual passer-bys are the ones who will quickly look at the banner and if they are unable to read the information, there are high chances that you will miss a customer. So, when designing a roller banner, you should keep in mind because this is how the eyes will automatically run over the banner graphics.
  4. Keep your logo on the top: Your business logo represents your brand and it should be always placed on the top of the banner along with a core message. It is necessary to keep the main message ( an image of a product on ) at eye level because it will most likely grab someone’s attention as they walk past it.
  5. Images & Graphics: If you are planning to include any images on your roll up banner stand, then make sure to use images of high quality. The graphics should be of 300 dpi minimum. Try not to copy images from the internet as there are high chances that the images will be of poor quality and that will impact your roller banner as a whole. Even for other print products like brochures and booklets, use images of high resolution

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