Youtuber Merch: Top YouTubers who own Successful Merchandise Shops
15 Sep, 2020

Top YouTube Influencers who own Successful Merchandise Shops

The road to be a top influencer on Youtube is not a comfortable ride. It’s always a bumpy one. Youtube influencers are people who build a real following on YouTube, sets trends, and promotes information for others looking to purchase a specific product or service. They have the power to influence and often collaborate with top influencer marketing agencies as well. They can earn money through ad revenue or sell their own youtuber merch. Time, patience, and dedication are all essential aspects of success—and social media promotion is increasingly important too.

This blog contains a list of top youtube influencers who are proud owners of their merch shops and provides you all the understanding behind their e-commerce stores’ immense success. Let’s look at how these YouTubers generate and execute their strategies and promotion tactics to promote their Youtuber merch. Here’s a list of some of the top Youtubers merch from the UK, we have tried to research their personal operations. Read and take all the insights that will help you in future.

Table of Contents

1. Topmost Youtube Influencers List
2. Crunch of Youtubers Revenue
3. Tactics about how to cash in Youtube followers
4. Unique tips by Printyo for merch shops
5. Takeaway

List of Influencers with their own Youtuber Merch

1. Emily Tube

Emily Tube youtuber merch

Youtube channel : Emile Tube
YouTube subscribers: 10.8M
Mech Brand – emilytube Clothing

About Emily

Just at the tender age of 6, Emily knows how to entertain and teach. Her parents handle her channels. Her niche is entertainment and education.

About her Merch

In this picture, you can see her wearing a cute little white t-shirt that says, princess, she truly is. The Emily Tube Teemill has a super impressive and attractive kids range. The best part is you will find T-shirts designed by Emily and friends, which include doodles, Rainbow love, Girls rule, Princess, Happy days, and most favorite Unicorn! They use certified cotton to make T-shirts.

Her Magnificent Store

Emily’s wonder power is the range of her video content. She doesn’t stick to one; instead covers learning, shopping trips, and even staged sketches in the pool like a mermaid. She makes videos that attract kids and their parents since the parents have new ideas to keep their kids entertained and busy.

Emily was an ordinary family with an average income. They have worked hard. Being normal became its strength. They adapted the merch to recent “little girl” trends who would love unicorns, princesses, just like their daughter. They knew that the target audience would connect. And they were right; the family was able to influence other families to buy the merchandise. So they rightly understood what their target audience would like and worked on it. Smart move, guys! But not to forget just because they had a daughter, and they knew what comfort meant to little girls, they also took care of those attributes in terms of material and quality.

2. KSI

ksi youtuber merch

Channel: KSI
YouTube Subscribers: +21.8M
Merch Brand: Sidemen Clothing

About KSI

KSI “Top British entertainer” and “Social media icon”, rapper, actor, boxer, and the most wealthiest and affluent member of the Sidemen. He was the first person in Britain to receive the Diamond Play Button and the first black YouTuber to do so! His achievements so far say it all!

About his Merch

Sidemen clothing, also known as SDMN, comprises a great variety of products for all age groups and genders. They not only deal in clothing but have everything available, be it jewelry, gaming gear, or even cushions. Comparable to a large retail brand.

His magnificent story

KSI’s rapping career and the Sidemen started nearly at the same time. WIth his ascending career, the brand saw significant expansion. He was a fearless self-promoter. He would often wear his branded merch in music videos with other famous rappers to promote the brand.

Any news about him just added value to his brand. Whether it was his boxing fights against Logan Paul or the rapping rivalry between KSI and Olatunji brothers. The chaos around him made him more popular.
The group has its e-commerce platform, Sidemen Clothing. It comprises street style collection and futuristic designs for kids and adults. SDN is their primary distribution channel, so don’t be fooled.

Sidemen clothing somehow describes unity. There a lot of merch designs consist of featured prints with all its members together. This planning is like hitting the bull’s eye to address the audience rather than just a single member’s fan. The most influential part of their merch and promotion is the video clips where all members are wearing their branded stylish streetwear. KSI is very well aware of his humongous popularity, KSI has taken it as a responsibility to provide them the best. He always tries to work out of the box and is continuously creatively making up new genres of content to increase their market reach, and thus bringing in more interest. The best part is he is 100 percent involved and does not take it for granted. Knowing about his fanbase, he still prefers working harder as the other members of the group

3. Markiplier

Markiplier youtuber merch

Channel: Markiplier
YouTube Subscribers: +26.8M
Merch Brand: Markiplier Official Website

About Markiplier

Mark is not just a professional gamer but a natural comedian,contributor, and social activist. He has a distinctive and lofty content style when it comes to gaming.

About his Merch

Markiplier is known for his minimal and over simple style. His merch is very charming, fascinating, and attractive. Mark has a quirky logo – pink mustache placed on top of his initial.

His Magnificent Story

Since he is a social worker and always believed to donate towards charity. Probably that derives some amount of his motivation. Mark came up with a clear idea based on a well-defined purpose; he donates the profit from his merchandise to charity organizations.

He knows how to stay connected with his audience. Viewers are fans of his super hilarious commentaries in his videos; thus, they stay continuously engaged with Mark. Not to be denied, he has a severe, influential impact. His engaged audience ends up buying his products and therefore supporting charity. Somewhere the combination of gentleness, warmness, and hour is healing the world.

Besides his brand, he also has The Cloak Brand, a collaboration he started with Jacksepticeye in 2018. Both online stores emphasize on clothing printed merchandise, which range with preceding fundraising campaigns based on trending social and health issues.

His strategy is based on the management of 2 brands and managing two brands and steering multiple sales channels. Mark leaves no stone unturned to promote his brands. His Instagram feed is full of him and Jack wearing both his and the Cloak Brand merch.

4. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright youtuber merch

Channel: Patricia Bright
YouTube Subscribers: +2.91M
Merch Brand: Patricia Official Store

About Patricia

Patricia is a fashion and beauty influencer who also delivers content on entertainment and education. She originally started on YouTube as “BritPopPrincess.” With her hard work, today, she is a social media queen, the founder of the Break platform, and the author of an educational course on how to build a business online.

About His Merch

All of Patricia’s fans know about her vibrant and inspirational personality; her WAOW shirts and SHINYSHINY hoodies reflect Patricia’s character. Merch is of bright colors correlating with her motivational and inspiring personality.

Her Magnificent Story hosts Patricia’s official store, a merch marketplace for celebrities, a smart and business-oriented move. Her being a fashion influencer who gives tips on style and beauty added to her advantage. Being a fashion stylist, she sells prêt-à-porter- fancy and production complicated clothes and refuses to offer more straightforward customized prints. She may not provide a range of variety, but products from her primary line are always available.

In recent times she has even collaborated with Amazon during an initiative run by Amazon. Influencers get the chance to drop their collection as a singular live event, lasting only 30 hours. Thus, those pieces are a limited edition. Her collaboration created a lot of buzzes. That is where Patricia dropped her progressive merch collection in which she commandingly combined the office and street styles.

In a recent interview, she explained how she wanted to capture a natural vibe. Those were clothes that she liked to wear and designed to flatter for herself and her followers. But she also wanted it to be a little audacious. She had complete control over the design process, which seemed thrilling.

Although she hardly wears her merch, she sometimes mentions it unnoticeably during her reviews of the latest season’s collections and beauty products. She is already termed as the fashion guru by most of her followers. Thus she is against using manipulative plans to increase her income.

5. ThatcherJoe

ThatcherJoe youtuber merch

Channel: ThatcherJoe
YouTube Subscribers: +7.83M
Merch Brand: Sugg

About Thatcher Joe

His niche covers Live shows, comedy, entertainment. Don’t go by his looks. He’s an innocent daredevil millionaire who makes pranks and gaming content. His sense of the Simpsons personality are strangely precise, and he’s the brother of Zoella.

About His Merch

Sugg. Mr Sugg. Sugg91. Sugg Life. Suggs, not Drugs. Sugg life chose me. This youtube influencer can play well with words, due to this talent he can sell anything just with the power of his name. Be it a shirt, or bag-pack.

His Magnificent Story

Joe made up an attractive word combination playing with 2Pac’s “thug” word. The generation born in the 80s-90s will relate to this very well. This is one reason his merch with those phrases is well accepted by his followers and by other generations as well. He is an intelligent person who used an already popularised term, with a little change to alter as per his character. To add humour, let me tell you some of these phrases also went viral as memes.

When he and his sister Zoe (the famous YouTuber Zoella) begun the Sugg merch line, they boosted it by opening a pop-up store in the Covent Garden. The product line included limited edition ‘Sugg Life X PB’ merchandise.

Joe had the talent of an excellent dancer, did a Live Tour lineup with an Australian dancer Dianne Buswell. Later, the couple made history by winning 25 shows in a row against six other couples. They became the overall tour winners having won 28 of the 29 shows.

Their beautiful love story is captured on his latest merch items, placing their colourful dancing silhouettes on T-shirts, mugs, and other things. Again a smart business move. Therefore, he gripped exceptionally on a personal branding strategy that is easily read and understood by masses.

6. Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link

Channel: Rhett and Link
YouTube Subscribers: +4.9M
Merch Brand: Mythical

About Rhett and Link

Two of YouTube’s first stars, hosts of Good Mythical Morning, the purchasers of Smosh — Rhett and Link, are true past-master still upholding a celebrity reputation while continuously growing.

About their Merch

Quirky T-shirts, grooming products, Good Morning mugs, and many more are shining examples of their five channels

Their Magnificent Story

Rhett and Link don’t differ much from an established brand. They follow up a growth strategy, based on developing five channels: Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link, Ear Biscuits, Mythical Kitchen and Good Mythical More. Then they expanded into podcasts, publications and even gained another famous YouTube channel, Smosh, with its store. They increased their overall audience by more than 25 million followers and thus, potential buyers.

They are inspirations for younger YouTubers on how to build an online empire.

Rhett and Link have proved age is just a number. Their focus on selling their merch and other channels’ activities stays unbeatable. The mythical store is a rational expansion. The store is only a part of the Mythical Entertainment empire. However, with these two creative minds working with so much dedication, it is nearly impossible to guess the revenue.

7. Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar

Channel : Atta Halilintar
YouTube Subscribers: +25.6M
Merch Brand: Balenja.BIO

About Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar full name is Muhammad Attamimi “Atta” Halilinta. He is Southeast Asia’s first YouTuber with 25.6M subscribers. He is the first guy from Asia to become a YouTube star which has excellent credibility.

About The Merch

His garments are different and authentic in which every design represent modernized Asian mythical motifs. The duplexity and bloom are what the fans find so attractive about AHHA merch. Even his black versions come across as very revitalizing.

His Magnificent Story

Atta is an Indonesia’s colonizer, an inspiration for the country’s youngsters who want to aim to become an online influencer. His motivating quotes and messages describe his journey of success. Being a self-made millionaire raises the value of his store and brand.

Those abroad are mesmerized to follow suit upon viewing his extraordinary designs. Atta believes in fearless self-promotion and often wears his branded headbands and other accessories when shooting his content for music videos, vlogs, pranks, interviews, and celebrity house tours.

To promote his merch, Atta also has an Instagram page @attahalilintarhabit that is exclusively for his brand. The profile supports full-fledged fashion campaigns. His merch includes both unisex and children goods with built-in links to all the channels where the merch is available to purchase.

8. JuegaGerman


Channel : JuegaGerman
YouTube Subscribers: +41.1M
Merch Brand: Garmedia Clothing

About JuegaGerman

JuegaGerman sings, writes, acts and directs, but he’s a Youtuber instead. A. He’s a super talented artist who has made a mark for himself.

About His Merch

His merch is full of positive and fun messages professionally created with great aesthetic “Germanish” taste.

About his Magnificent Story

Garmendia is a Spanish star. Not only this, but he is also working on trouncing the music industry and Hollywood. He has a lot to his credit including videos with exaggerated Telenovela-acting, a 2016 best-selling book called #ChupaElPerro, multiple Spotify music playlists, a voice in the Spanish version of Ice Age, the pop-rock band Ancud, a sponsorship with Reebok/LG and many more. You can keep on counting.

He plans on promoting his artistic brand, as much more than a Youtuber. He owns a clothing brand named as Garmedia clothing which provides on-demand printed T-shirts, Hoodies and sweatshirts featuring attractive artworks.

All his clothing is visible on YouTube’s channels and main website. But he prefers promoting it via social media through an instagram account solely created for that purpose @garmendiaclothing. Let me remind you, all his are only available on his official site.

9. VanossGaming


Channel : VanossGaming
YouTube Subscribers: +25.2M
Merch Brand: Vanoss

About VanossGaming

Extraordinarily talented editor with ironic humour, Evan has one of the rapidly-growing channels on YouTube.

About Their MERCH

The signature Owl printed in black and white, colourful, shiny, drawn in mesh or any colour is the main hero of Vanoss’ merch. The moment you see the Owl, you instantly know it’s a VanossGaming creation.

About Their Magnificent Story

The collaboration with 3BlackDot has made Vanoss’ brand more memorable and influential. Those guys have a super talented complete studio, production, and marketing company; you can call it whatever you want to. They gave the Vanoss brand unmatchable value.

You must be thinking, why does the Owl play such a crucial role? Initially, the Owl was used as a mask on Fong’s character model in Grand Theft Auto. Later, Evan took advantage of being an animator; he made the Owl the main hero of his animations which became super popular.

Vanoss has high production value, and his team puts a lot of planning into editing the videos and making them funny.

They enjoy teasing their fans, so they prefer taking some time off between uploading their new creations. This keeps the shock factor alive and keeps the fans interested. Vanoss continues short Instagram campaigns, which helps boost his merch sales. Those amazing videos mostly show you limited edition items. Overall it makes the fans purchase more Owl stuff to douse their desiring between uploaded videos.
The Vanoss official merch is sold on the official Vanoss e-store, powered by 3BlackDot.


If you asked 100 YouTubers what the most effective promotional platforms were, 99.9% would scream social media platforms. Instagram is growing at a surprising rate. Social media platforms like Facebook, instagram play a considerable role in their growth. Youtube influencers work hard to reach a point where they can use their stardom to cash in their fame and make money out of it by creating personal merchandise.

Crunch of Youtubers’ revenue

No matter if you are an influencer who has just begun his journey and is trying to promote your merch shop. These acuities on how the Youtubers cash in money with their merch will help you discover a profitable revenue stream by selling.

You’ll be peculiar to know that Youtube influencers represent the outside brands, coexisting with their channel’s view count. They collaborate with influencer marketing agencies all over the world. Merchandise sales also form an integral part of their business, but you can’t figure what percentage of their revenue comes from their merchandise sector.

These YouTubers are making about 5-6 figure monthly revenue by only selling their merchandise online. To give you a brief idea, let me tell you, they can buy a new luxurious car every four months if they wish to.

Youtube influencers are proactive by enhancing the old-dependable roads of making money, like patrons and YouTube’s imposing business model. They’re making their professions a stride further, and they’re doing this through personal customized merchandise like T-shirts and bags.

Marketing Tactics

As per some of the famous YouTubers, here are some common marketing tactics about how they cash in their followers

1. Simplicity seems best

For some YouTubers, simple merchandise seems the best. A simple shirt or a bag-pack or any other product which is simple customized with probably just a name can be termed elementary. It will provide fast income with controlled costs. This idea works wonders if the production and distribution method chosen is print-on-demand with drop-shipping, one day-shipping, or bulk-printed items fulfilled by logistic centers.

2. Through planned alliances and Thinking HARD About What the Audience demands

For instance, 2 of the top influencers Jacksepticeye And Markiplier, teamed Up To Launch Clothing Brand Cloak joined forces creating stretch collaborations of The Cloak Brand and Sidemen to create clothing brands as DudePerfect. In contrast, some influencers decide to sell merch aimed at precisely thrilling their target market just like EmilyTube does by creating merch based on children’s interests.

3. Self-promotion

Many youtube influencers proudly self promote their merch products. They openly boast and advertise their merchandise on their YouTube channels and social media too fearlessly. However, some YouTubers follow the opposite strategy. They play on, want, authenticity, or at times; they only mention their merch when they launch limited campaigns.

4. Creating an end-to-end eCommerce solution that you can execute quickly into a current business process.

YouTubers use e-commerce technology by selling their merch products through various platforms like Shopify and other influencer marketplaces like Fanjoy, and so many more. They avoid custom-made websites or the use of WooCommerce. They are okay with others selling their merch products, which let me tell you it is unofficial. YouTubers oftenInstead, t allow others to sell unofficial merchandise in marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Redbubble, and Amazon and other e-commerce portals populated by many unlicensed items.

Merchandising Tips

Let’s check out some incredibly unique tips by experts for some unique merch shops.

  • Follow the simple way.
  • Keep your customized merch quality-oriented and straightforward by using the best suitable printing technology depending on the type of orders. Add on your own add an out of the box touch by some cool labels.
  • Promote Openly and fearlessly, through whatever platform you can. Fear not at all; it’s your creation, and you have worked hard for it.
  • Try collaborating with others to provide a boom to your promotion and visibility.
  • Personalised printing may be customizable but be sure you don’t forget the quality that’s what always follows.
  • Use Shopify technology.
  • Decide your product strategy. Think about which products you want to produce and why. Strategize the basis of each product.
  • Drama sells, so remember there should be a memorable story behind each product. Either in the form of design or slogans. It should reflect your personality.
  • Agree for on-demand printing , or bulk printing combined with drop-shipping fulfillment centers.
  • Be sure about the best printing strategy for quality-oriented products. Choose the best printing technique. Never compromise on quality.


Whenever you see a successful YouTuber don’t think it has been a cakewalk for them, understand they have worked hard to reach upto this point. It’s not luck rather their hard work. They are evolving to the top because what they do is good though and, when it comes to selling merch, they use best strategies, work hard and dedicated toward it and make them their own.

So, if you are in the merch industry, or plan to start one, take in account everything mentioned above. Begin with planning, strategising and executing get your merchandise operation in the best shape possible. In the end, everything is tough and smart work! There is nothing like the easy success you have to climb the ladder step by step and succeed. It may take time, but you’ll touch the sky.